Critical for Acceptance

Training is an important component to the overall change management strategy. The Translation Phase of the project prepares both the system and end users for the much awaited deployment into the production environment. While all activities leading to this point may have been successful, the application cannot be deemed a success if the deployed solution fails to be adopted and utilized by the user community due to difficulty of use, confusion, or fear of change. End-user training for the solution is a critical step towards organizational use and acceptance. Training is typically conducted with project specific materials representing the client’s requirements. User Guides are also provided during this phase. 

Our background in both science and technology gives us a valuable perspective on what it takes to guide research scientists towards leveraging new tools. The majority of our consultants are former laboratory scientists who have been through this process first hand, thus our approach is tailored based not only on our experience delivering training but also by being on the receiving end of system training in laboratories.

LabAnswer has an expert team for preparing and delivering training materials for classroom, computer based and train the trainer instruction.  In addition training opportunities exist throughout an implementation including documentation reviews, prototype demonstrations, and user acceptance testing as appropriate. Our training plans incorporate all these activities as part of a single “training environment” that strives to educate users throughout the creation and deployment of the system rather than limiting the knowledge transfer to the moment just before go-live.