Laboratory Informatics Projects Involve More Than Just Configuration

There is more to a lab informatics project i.e. LIMS than the configuration of a LIMS system in the laboratory. That's only the "tip of the iceberg." A successful laboratory informatics project is more than just doing a LIMS configuration. There are other project workstreams to consider and many possible risks to a successful project. Not having knowledge of all the work streams involved is one of the reasons it has been reported that 60% of all IT projects fail.

Full Lifecycle Development

Laboratory informatics projects are complex and should not be developed like a regular IT project. These projects need people experienced and cross trained in the operation of the laboratory, IT, the particular application and applicable regulatory issues. LabAnswer’s team of consultants has the ability to architect, design, configure, develop, implement, deploy and support almost any laboratory informatics application (custom, open source and COTS) based on our domain expertise and skill-sets. We are able to effectively manage the entire process and help you anticipate, coordinate and budget for all the laboratory work streams and full life cycle support.

Project Methodology

Various workstreams are needed for a successful project. These often run concurrently with the various phases of the project. Failure can result when you approach a laboratory systems project as just another IT Project. Starting a project without a proven implementation methodology will result in confusion, delays and rework. The work stream approach will improve the ability to logically allocate the right people and information at the right times. It also allows better communication of the plans, progress and outcomes.

Project methodology must address three core issues: planning, development and deployment. By following a pre-defined set of guidelines and a migration path, you have something concrete in which to reference and measure progress. LabAnswer has more experience than any other lab information consulting firm in the methodologies used to navigate these workstreams.