Proven Methodology with a Positive Impact on Business Objectives

LabAnswer provides vendor independent project management that can oversee the entire project lifecycle and all workstreams associated with your laboratory informatics initiative. Too many projects focus exclusively on the configuration of the COTS to the neglect of the other workstreams. This focus on the "tip of the iceberg" results in time and cost overruns. Domain expertise is essential in anticipating all the workstreams and dependencies a laboratory informatics project will encounter. Our project managers are trained in project management techniques, laboratory environments, appropriate technologies as well as communication skills.  

The planning and control of large scale implementations is especially complicated.  Clear communications on the centralized vs. federated model for functionality, processes and ancillary applications is essential. Deployment plans require the ability plan the activities that must occur within and identify all of the necessary workstream disciplines that will be needed to deploy the laboratory information system effectively, the activities that must occur within each workstream, and the relationship of workstreams to each other from inception and design to release and support.

Proactive Project Management

One of the basic principles that LabAnswer has built our company around is that “Proactive Project Management” requires domain expertise for the project manager and other project resources at the Task level. Our experience in hundreds of life science projects corroborates the fact that good methodology combined with project management (PM) domain expertise drives efficiencies across all the workstreams throughout the project lifecycle.

A successful laboratory informatics project requires alignment of your business objectives with the project implementation. The standard project success criteria; on time, on budget and completed scope are not enough. This is why we are proponents of domain expertise at the project management level and a high level of client participation in the implementation of the project.