Every month, new clinical trial, electronic data capture, data management, analytics and visualization, ELN, instrument integration middleware and LIMS solutions emerge on the market, making it difficult for an organization to understand what product or combination or products they need to modernize and improve their laboratory operations.  LabAnswer has over 200 consultants who are current with the latest trends and solutions in the market, and who possess detailed knowledge of these solutions based on successful client implementations.

We are system agnostic, and gain no profit from the sale of a particular product or solution, which enables us to maintain our objectivity during assessments. Performing dozens of product assessments for commercial and government clients has enabled LabAnswer to develop Corporate Best Practices and standards that we leverage to quickly capture your requirements, evaluate them against the available market, and identify the top candidates for your needs.  We support the development of demonstration scripts, checklists, and statistical scoring approaches, and handle all the logistics to enable your leadership to evaluate the options and select the best choice from a pre-screened set of options.  We can also help with non-demonstration and/or proposal evaluations of software by providing lists of other users of the software that are in addition to references provided by the software provider. 

Our assessment process starts with requirements elicitation and validation – starting either from scratch or from requirements previously documented by your organization.  Key to this effort is ensuring the source and authority of the requirements are documented to ensure legitimacy. Once the system-agnostic requirements are complete, we assess the available market and survey those products most suitable for your organization.  A distinguishing factor of our approach is ensuring that the vendors document which features are part of the baseline product, and which would require modification through product extensions/customizations or configuration.  Our experience has shown that customization of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products can invalidate the value of implementing a COTS, and we ensure you know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the solution throughout its lifetime, including upgrades and technology refreshes.       

LabAnswer Distinguishing Features
Why is it important to you?
Largest independent laboratory consultancy in the market.
Knowledge of the evolving solution and systems in the Laboratory space is a full time endeavor, one which you don’t have time to add to your busy day. LabAnswer provides this knowledge as part of every engagement, with over 200 FTEs and over 20 years of implementation experience, we are able to maintain detailed knowledge of the marketplace offerings and product capabilities.
System Agnostic
Since LabAnswer does not receive any profit from the sale of or selection of any product – we are able to maintain objectivity throughout the assessment process. System agnostic product selection support ensures that the product chosen will provide the best value to your organization.  
Performed more LIMS implementations than any competitor You need your system to be implemented on time and on budget, but you know the industry statistics show that close to half of all IT projects fail, experience cost and schedule overruns, and deliver less benefits than planned. LabAnswer has delivered on time and on budget, with over 300 implementations to our credit. Through these engagements, we have identified the forward-leading indicators that must be addressed during the assessment/selection phase to ensure your project finishes on time, on budget, with all the benefits envisioned.