Manufacturing QA/QC

As QC laboratories are asked to produce more value for their organizations with less available resources, scientific data management systems and the operations processes that support them become strategic assets.  LabAnswer helps some of the world's largest life science companies manage the challenges of the modern Quality Assurance laboratory.

LabAnswer Routinely Helps Laboratories that Support the Manufacturing Supply Chain Achieve:

  • Better sample throughput
  • Faster testing turnaround times
  • Reduced headcount requirements
  • More standardized/precise method execution

These outcomes are achieved because of LabAnswer's unique understanding of the intersection of modern Manufacturing Laboratory operations, state-of-the art Scientific Data Management Systems, and the role that a QC/Manufacturing laboratory has in the manufacturing supply chain operations of life science companies.

QC Domain Experience

Through application of our extensive experience in this domain, LabAnswer achieves efficiencies by engineering and implementing business processes and laboratory systems that have:

  • Less transcription / data entry errors from analysts
  • Reduced quality review cycle effort due to intelligent use of automation
  • Integration of instruments results to management systems so that data flows through the enterprise automatically, quickly, and accurately
  • More automation of testing, reviewing, and reporting workflows

QC Implementation Unique Challenges

With the experience of hundreds of QC projects behind us, LabAnswer understands the unique challenges that a QC implementation has:

  • Change Management: Delivering continuous benefit to laboratory analysts and laboratory management while demonstrating the requisite level of control of systems required of life science companies.
  • Data Management: Managing the potentially large amount of change to Master Data, while offering practical experience providing Business Intelligence that can be gained through mining large collections of Sample, Test, Result, and Instrument data.
  • Specification/Product Management:  Providing practical methods of manually or automatically interfacing with the Specification and Product Databases that companies maintain for regulatory purposes.
  • Training Management: Utilizing training records to help ensure that laboratories execute as efficiently as possible with analysts that have demonstrable training and experience to execute a method.

LabAnswer can help you assess your current laboratory workflows and data management systems to see if there are opportunities to use modern scientific data management platforms to reduce the complexities of the QC laboratory and add to the ability of the laboratory to execute its mission as productively as possible.  By measuring agreed upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the assessment and implementation process, LabAnswer can help you demonstrate that implementing a modern platform to host your laboratory's data benefits your entire organization.