LabAnswer understands the unique operational challenges and informatics needs of Late Stage Development.  Unlike other portions of the pharma value chain, systems supporting late stage development often need to accommodate both GxP & non-GxP operations — both structured & unstructured data types.  We understand that Process Development experimentation has a fundamentally different nature than does Analytical Testing.  As a result, we also understand that the systems supporting analytical testing for clinical supply have very different requirements than do the systems supporting scientists performing process optimization, process safety, and scale-up experiments.

Because the vast majority of LabAnswer consultants have a combination of laboratory and IT experience, they can understand and appreciate the implications of this operational diversity.  LabAnswer is uniquely qualified to help you map your business processes onto the appropriate laboratory informatics systems.  We understand the differences between LIMS, LES and ELN, and can help you ensure that you select & deploy the right software platform to meet your particular needs.

Regardless of whether your needs are related to process or product development, analytical development, formulations, or clinical supply, LabAnswer has the domain expertise and experience to help you drive innovation, automate your operations, enable externalization, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.