The use of shared, on-demand computing resources has received rapid adoption in  the Federal Civilian and DoD space.  Starting in December 2010 , the Office of managementt and Budget published the 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology managementt, which outlined a shift toward cloud services.  In addition, the FedRamp Program, which certifies Cloud Service Providers (CSP) for Federal Agencies, is continually certifying new providers – including both commercial and federal agency providers. 

As a result, federal laboratories are facing a push to move from lab-centric IT to cloud based technology, which presents challenges in the areas of security, data integrity, and instrument integration. 

LabAnswer can help – we have technologists that span Laboratory Science, Information Technology, and Cloud Security to prevent migration to the cloud from disrupting you organization.  We implement disruptive technology in a disciplined, controlled manner. 

LabAnswer Distinguishing Features
Why is it important to you?
Certified expertise in Cloud Security

Security remains the top concern of agencies looking to adopt “Cloud” technology. Each category of Cloud Services (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) and implementation strategy (Public, Private, Hybrid) poses a unique set of security challenges adopters – and LabAnswer has IT experts Certified in Cloud Security Knowledge by the Cloud Security Alliance who can guide you through these challenges.

Expertise in Instrument Integration

One of the seven characteristics of Cloud computing is device and location independence, which may not be feasible in organizations with a large number of legacy instruments that cannot be readily replaced.  In addition, many instruments often operate on technology which cannot support the information assurance requirements of Cloud computing.  LabAnswer has in-depth integration and mitigation approaches to address these issues when they arise.  

Laboratory Informatics Solutions

LabAnswer has designed, built, deployed, and supported more successful laboratory and scientific systems that any other consultancy. We focus exclusively on these systems, and maintain our intellectual leadership in this area through laser focus on one specific discipline. LabAnswer’s uncompromising passion for creating business value for our clients drives our consultants to treat our customer’s mission as our own. We have hundreds of success stories where we have overachieved for our clients, and dozens of instances where generic IT firms who lack our pedigree in Laboratory science failed to deliver, only to have us take over and drive the program to success.