Biorepository Analysis, Design & Implementation

LabAnswer has many years of experience analyzing and designing biorepository functions and implementing them in various environments. We have technical consultants experienced with niche biorepository solutions, major LIMS vendors with biorepository-specific modules, as well as experience with custom developed biorepository solutions. Our technical consultants also understand the domain, enabling them to efficiently determine and implement the most effective solution.

Biorepository Solutions

LabAnswer has created solutions for biorepositories with very diverse needs. The following is a sampling of popular solutions biorepositories have requested to improve processes and service offerings for biorepositories

  • Web portals for customer interaction, specimen visualization and reporting
  • Analytics that allow data to be turned into intelligence and drive business decisions
  • Cloud based systems that eliminate the need for in house infrastructure and allow for rapid scaling as business increases
  • Integration of biorepository systems with external laboratory and clinical systems
  • Data integration platform to share data between customers systems, internal systems and data warehouses
  • Functionality to manage workload and operations to improve operational efficiency

Biobanking/Biorepository Application Integration

While the implementation of a stand-alone biorepository application can provide tremendous business value, these applications can be integrated with external systems, or extended within COTS LIMS delivered modules to provide even more benefit. Integration provides seamless data flow between laboratory, logistics, and accessioning functions within the enterprise operations. Data can also be integrated into Geographic Visualization Systems. These systems enable comprehension of the specimen data in the context of a map and the visualization of the precise location and condition of each specimen, whether they are located in the biorepository, lab or in transit anywhere on the globe.


Building an Intelligent Biobank to Power Research Decision-Making?

The technology is here to deliver advanced analytics, visualization and mobile capabilities for Sample Intelligence; the biggest challenges lie in harmonizing the people and processes that manage the data. To address this challenge, a layer of abstraction utilizing an agile data integration platform (incl. data virtualization) can be deployed enabling the existing systems to feed the harmonized data store, and also provide the ability to seamlessly add and change data sources as the science evolves.

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