LabAnswer provides management consulting and professional services for many of the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  This scientific and laboratory informatics management consulting can relate to process improvement, best practices and solution assessment and implementation.

We also work with these companies in building scientific data management foundations while keeping their systems, processes, culture and governance in balance. LabAnswer understands most detailed workflows and processes associated with discovery and development and can excel when other consulting agencies are missing the scientific domain experience.

Optimizing human interaction and intuition via proper design of the electronic laboratory environment adds value in:

  • Collaboration and breaking down workflow and data silos
  • Data access and sharing
  • Knowledge driven decisions
  • Better data harmonization and standardization

R & D Data Management

Scientific Data management is not only the storage, organization, and retrieval of disparate and unorganized scientific data; but also in being able to use of that data in terms of:

  • Finding scientific related information readily when it is needed,
  • Having rapid processes and systems in moving raw data to processed data to final reports including the data integrity checks along the way
  • Using state of the art techniques like data virtualization to bring disparate information together so that researchers and data scientists can form better, more informed decisions.
  • Being able to use this data for predictive science purposes

Decision Support & Exploratory Analysis Tools in R & D

Making the right choice on a decision support tool for Research and Development isn’t as easy as one thinks. There are different types of influences: hosting, functionality, integration scalability and usability factors that come to mind. Usually overlooked or not realized is the support and maintenance of that tool in its new environment. Deprecation/antiquated or less utilized tools seems to be a big problem in medium and large size discovery industries.

LabAnswer has the personnel and the vision to help you make the best choices. Our teams have either worked for the discovery companies or the vendors that built the tools. We can help you vet older code bases, poor quality, support and maintenance issues and the ability to integrate.