Challenges of Enterprise Systems


Challenges of Enterprise Laboratory Systems

Enterprise Laboratory Systems can provide incredible benefits as they improve the efficiency of operations, increase the quality of the products that are produced, or enable research to cure diseases. The implementation of these systems does present significant challenges as they fundamentally change the way an organization operates.  Some of the challenges that these large implementations carry with them are:

  • Coordinating with scientists, IT, and business professionals to optimize processes
  • Clearly defining the scientific and operational end-goals and ensuring they are met
  • Choosing the right scientific solution platform from the start
  • Managing large scale organizational change management
  • Institutionalizing a continuous improvement support structure into the laboratories and the entire business process
  • Resourcing every workstream with the right combination of scientific and IT talent

If these challenges are not met by a knowledgeable and experienced team, there can be vast amounts of wasted budget, resource time and opportunity cost.  LabAnswer has the global experience and wherewithal to design, govern and implement enterprise systems.  We can scale up large teams of consultants with the required scientific and IT skills at the right level of expertise for the right price.

LabAnswer’s vendor independence is a key differentiating factor when selecting a partner to design and implement these enterprise laboratory systems.  Market-based solutions in scientific and laboratory informatics are continuously blurring the lines that typically define their niche categories as they go after increasing market share.  Discerning which candidates are truly viable to deliver an enterprise scale system, then building a strong strategy and plan to deliver it, are major up-front factors in setting the right course with manageable risk.