Service through teamwork is central to LabAnswer. We are passionate about teaming with each other, our partners, and our clients to provide exceptional solutions that accelerate our clients’ scientific endeavors to improve and save lives. We believe effective teamwork is a result of each member finding personal fulfillment in subordinating personal prominence to meet team goals. You will be working with like-minded, committed, smart people. You will find mentors who invest in your personal growth and colleagues whose growth depends on your investment in them. Being part of the team means sharing the responsibility for meeting the challenges and sharing the rewards of success.

Culture & Values

Becoming the company we desire to be is a journey to which we are firmly committed. We have a long-standing and unique company culture, built upon personal integrity, character, and openness; we expect honesty in every relationship. You have the responsibility to deal with clients, partners, and colleagues with honesty and integrity. We pursue excellence while acknowledging our imperfection. Dedicated to continuous improvement, we regularly discuss and elicit feedback on the company’s goals, strategy and performance.

Personal & Professional Development

We encourage and empower you to develop to your full potential and to take personal ownership for charting your own course with the support and mentorship of your management team. Our work is challenging, requiring critical thinking and a willingness to stretch outside of your comfort area. As you take on new responsibilities, a team of people is available to help you be successful. Desiring to improve and being teachable are key to personal growth. With access to valuable training materials and the expertise of dozens of talented colleagues, you have a truly unique opportunity to grow as a consulting professional, to learn multiple software applications, and possibly even to pursue multiple career paths.

Work/Life Balance

We promote a healthy balance between the rigors and demands of providing exceptional solutions for our clients and your personal life. As a member of the LabAnswer traveling consultant team, you can live anywhere, work from home when not traveling, work from the client office if nearby, and expect extra support when your travel becomes heavy. Alternatively, as a member of our Center of Excellence, you will work primarily from a LabAnswer office. Our commitment to developing leaders aims to equip more team members to take on client and consultant-management responsibilities, sharing leadership opportunities among many, rather than just a few. Our benefit programs aim to encourage you to manage your health and well-being through intentional commitment to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development and care.


We will challenge you in ways that let you demonstrate outstanding effort and results, leading to special recognition for your service above and beyond the norm. Furthermore, your commitment to developing others and yourself will position you for recognition and advancement as the company requires more leaders with demonstrated potential.