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    Feel Like You’re Swimming Upstream?

Data Migration

Probably the most challenging part of any new enterprise system implementation is deciding what to do with the years and years of data that you’ve already collected, and then doing it. In fact, the loading of master reference data and historic results data is often by far the most costly part of an implementation project.

Carefully Assess the Challenges

Data migration requires careful planning and analysis of the impact on your business and the drain on your laboratory and IT staff.  Realistic goals must be set and trade-offs made between migrating data, leaving it in the legacy system or data model, and archiving data that is not required for active studies or reporting purposes. The resulting data migration plan should balance the benefits of migrating legacy data against the costs in resources, time and effort to do so.


We’ve Got An App For That

Actually, LabAnswer has the tools, techniques and experience.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to data migration, but we have leveraged our years of assisting our customers into the development of tools and techniques for efficiently and reliably migrating your static and historic data using The LabAnswer Data Migration Tool