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Outsourcing Laboratory Informatics for Improved Efficiencies


A large consumer products manufacturer sought to outsource its informatics support in order to improve response time to requests from the business, reduce the cost to support systems, and to be prepared for future growth.

Provide flexible outsourcing of LIMS environment to staff for backlog reduction and re-engineering of LIMS architecture.

Implement best practices and enhancements.


Multi-year backlog of enhancement requests

Difficulties finding strong Informatics resources

Anticipation of high growth due to an increased attention to new product development testing

Turnover of LIMS support personnel

Disparate LIMS systems consisting of six separate LabWare LIMS applications, different instrument control applications and interfaces, and hundreds of instruments supporting eighteen different laboratories¬†‚Äč


LabAnswer was chosen as the laboratory informatics outsourcing partner because of our deep understanding of the laboratory environment, the number of consulting experts and the breadth of our experience.

After careful analysis LabAnswer recommended a four pronged approach to the outsourcing:

  • Provide a flexible staffing plan with a sufficient number of LIMS subject matter experts to support the existing environment, work down the backlog of enhancement requests, implement new Informatics systems, and provide future strategy and direction for their rapidly expanding Informatics needs.
  • Implement industry best practices including change control, request tracking, prioritization, and escalation procedures in addition to implementing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) approach to supporting the business which included weekly metrics reports.
  • Consolidate their six LIMS into just two systems, one for manufacturing and one for R&D in order to simplify application support.
  • Integrate all of their instruments to their LIMS system in order to increase data entry accuracy and improve lab throughput.


The benefits of teaming with LabAnswer have been significant. LabAnswer's analysis resulted in a number of recommendations which lowered costs, employed best practices, significantly reduced the backlog for IT support requests, and lowered overhead.

  • Our client has calculated a ROI on support of 100%.
  • Lower overhead has been attained through consolidation of the LIMS.
  • The backlog for requests has been reduced from multi-year to less than one month.
  • We have been recognized as a preferred partner.
  • Industry best practices have been employed.
  • The client is poised for growth.