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NELAC Certification Support for a Public Health/Environmental Laboratory


LabAnswer was awarded a contract to assist a a public health/environmental laboratory in creating and updating their SOPs to achieve National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference(NELAC) Certification. This work resulted in a satisfactory NELAC audit immediately following our completion of the tasks.


Achieving NELAC accreditation greatly impacted this laboratory’s ability to perform testing that was crucial to Biothreat monitoring and response. An on-site audit by USEPA regional contractors determined that the laboratory had a significant need to create/update SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) as a final step to meet their accreditation goal by the specified deadline. A surge in normal workload and the lack of internal resources caused the laboratory to reach a crisis point concerning the accreditation deadline; it was determined that they needed external resources to accomplish their goal.

Other challenges included Inconsistent terminology and organizational process issues, coupled with significant employee turn-over and an extremely short time-line.


LabAnswer provided a consultant with 18+ years’ experience in environmental testing and various accreditation, including NELAC. The consultant was responsible for creating twenty new SOPS within eight calendar days, often working 10 -12 hours per day to meet the deadline.


A NELAC compliant laboratory with the skills needed to maintain their certification and protect public health.

LabAnswer key personnel not only assisted the laboratory to pass the NELAC audit, but helped the organization to better understand the requirements of NELAC Certification.  LabAnswer helped them to “help themselves” for long-term success.  We provided the organization with a firm foundation for running and maintaining a quality driven environmental laboratory organization with fully documented procedures and processes.

The work was completed to the full satisfaction of the laboratory, on-time and on-budget.