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LIMS Procurement & Implementation


Replace three home-grown LIMS applications used by the forensic and regulatory laboratories. Procure, implement and integrate a Laboratory Information System (LIMS).


LabAnswer assisted the Justice Agency by guiding their laboratories through a controlled requirements elicitation process, LIMS procurement and implementation to replace three home-grown LIMS applications used by the forensic and regulatory laboratories. Additionally the agency requested LabAnswer to provide the end-user training and instrument integration activities.


LabAnswer conducted on-site interviews with laboratory management, scientific staff, administrative staff and major users of the agency laboratory data and forensic examination services to analyze all aspects of laboratory operations. Functions examined included sample and evidence receiving, chain of custody, evidence processing, inventory tracking and management, work scheduling, analytical processes, data reporting, internal monitoring, quality assurance and control, database integration, human resource functions, equipment inventory monitoring, equipment operator certification, and client interfaces.

Using information elicited during the interviews, LabAnswer produced the following documents:

  • As-is review
  • To-be requirements
  • Requirements matrix
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Document
  • LIMS market evaluation
  • Demonstration scripts
  • Various program management documents
  • Vendor oversight
  • End user training
  • Instrument interface
  • Report writing
  • Data load
  • LIMS configuration

LabAnswer facilitated the agency review of the received proposals received which culminated in a unanimously supported identification of the top four proposals which were further evaluated during a live demonstration evaluation.

LabAnswer hosted the LIMS vendor demonstrations where as many as 35 employees quantitatively evaluated the four LIMS products. By requiring all vendors to follow a written script with test data provided by LabAnswer all vendors performed the same functions in the same order resulting in easily comparable evaluations by the agency attendees. LabAnswer entered the evaluation scores into a normalized and weighted evaluation tool and led the selection decision process, resulting in the selection of the single product scoring highest by more than 85% of participants.


LabAnswer sub-contracted with the LIMS vendor selected by the agency and managed the LIMS implementation. The following tasks were completed by LabAnswer:

  • Authored documents required by the agency system implementation and software development life cycle regulations
  • Conducted regular status calls with LIMS vendor
  • Submitted weekly status reports to the agency
  • Reviewed all updates and patches from the vendor
  • Developed LIMS test plan and test scripts
  • Guided and participated in user acceptance testing
  • Authored system administrator and end-user training materials
  • Conducted 40 hours of end-user train-the-trainer