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Implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for Quality Laboratory Management & Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) Solution


Implementation of a shared quality laboratory management solution that includes LabWare LIMS v6 and Velquest Smart Lab Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), as well as associated interfaces & supporting technology.


  • Existing consumer & over the counter (OTC) laboratory applications are antiquated, no longer vendor supported and no longer meet the needs of the business.
  • The need to comply with future quality and compliance standards.
  • Aspects of the existing site infrastructure (servers, etc.) lack hardware redundancy and represent a significant operational risk.
  • Significant variations from site to site in laboratory process and practices within the network.
  • Limited ability to perform trending and other data analysis at the site level. 
  • No mechanism for cross-site data analysis.
  • Application support was limited to site resources.


Implement the LIMS for electronic simple management. Implement an ELN for fully electronic method execution workflow and direct instrument data capture.

LabAnswer provided strategic consulting. Expert teams worked on the configuration, system integration, and the master data loading and qualification of the systems.


  • Uniform Business Processes were developed and deployed to four sites
  • LIMS implemented as a Shared Enterprise Platform with chain of custody, trending & control charts, automatic atypical results identification, specification management, stability management, retain management, and environmental monitoring management.
  • LIMS interface with SAP
  • ELN with direct interface with LabWare LIMS
  • Significant reduction in lab record errors and lab investigations
  • Rapid review of test results
  • Significant improvement in laboratory cycle time and throughput
  • Electronic management of solutions, standards and media via Velquest CIMS
  • New (custom), automated functionality to automatically identify out of control conditions
  • Deployment planning - planned deployment to 22 international sites
  • Training materials and delivery
  • End user production support


  • LabWare LIMS v6
  • Biovia Smart Lab ELN