Building an Intelligent Biobank to Power Research Decision-Making

LabAnswer to Present at the
International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories- ISBER Conference May 5, 2015

Workshop 2C: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Lori A. Ball,  Brian J. Brunner, Suresh Chandrasekaran

Workshop Summary:

Building an Intelligent Biobank to Power Research Decision-Making

The biomedical R&D environment is increasingly dependent on data meta-analysis and bioinformatics to support research advancements. The integration of biorepository sample inventory data with biomarker and clinical research information has become a priority to R&D organizations. Therefore, a flexible IT system for managing sample collections, integrating sample data with clinical data and providing a data virtualization platform will enable the advancement of research studies. This workshop will provide an overview of how sample data integration, virtualization and analytics can lead to more streamlined and unified sample intelligence to support global biobanking for future research.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Best practices in the integration of sample, biomarker and clinical data within a single, secure and easily accessible database system
  • Cloud-sourcing strategies which enable secure and fast global access to research data integration
  •  How to develop a visual dashboard to support optimization of biological samples for clinical research
  •  Case studies in R&D efficiencies and cost savings gained from improved sample intelligence

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