The realities of the laboratory world is that legacy systems and new systems must be integrated and supported to meet the needs of your business. LabAnswer can develop an application portfolio management strategy to meet your laboratory informatics requirements today and into the future.

ELN and the LIMS Working Together

Portfolio management can help determine how applications will work together. For example LabAnswer has integrated systems where a Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) manages and stores the sample information and test data. It is not involved in the actual analysis of the samples. The Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) provides real-time control over the sample test and procedures. Data from laboratory instruments can be collected directly into the ELN. The ELN has no knowledge of the samples or testing conditions that is stored in the LIMS. Information can be transferred in real time, back and forth between the ELN and LIMS system automatically, thus reducing the analyst’s workload and increasing accuracy. Integrating these two systems, and other in a labs application portfolio, adds value to each and to the laboratory infrastructure management.

ERP and the LIMS Integration

Portfolio management helps a laboratory determine which applications will manage particular functions (system functional footprint) and data sets. LabAnswer is helping our clients define the functional footprint of LIMS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. The LIMS automates the work processes and labor-intensive administrative functions of a laboratory. The enterprise LIMS extends that functionality through the integration to enterprise resource planning systems such as SAP and others. Here it works in unison to assist in the management of lab activates, the work schedules, analytics, and product release. The integration between a LIMS and an ERP also facilitates the transfer of laboratory data throughout the enterprise and helps in decision making, process optimization, more effective resource allocation, and improved quality control.